2018-YYJ-S1 Playoffs




Sun Nov 18 2:30pm - 7:00pm

Victoria's first season playoffs!

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Vote for the Paleoethics Sportsmanship Award


  • Bobby Crudo (RMT)
  • These Fists Fly (apparel)
  • Dan Clayton (Photographer)


  • Paleoethics Prize Pack - Vote for sportsmanship winner!
  • McSweeneys Prize Pack - best dressed team! 
  • Fitbalm Prize Pack - Event 1 Winner
  • Endur Apparel Socks - Team with the highest Snatch total (event 2b)
  • Functional Fitness League Champions banner - Season Champions!

Read more about our partners: league.fit/regions/yyj


  • There are currently no food vendors scheduled to be on site so plan accordingly! 


  • Your season rank is your event 1 score
  • all teams will take part in the qualifier events of playoffs (3-4 workouts guaranteed)
  • The 4-5 scores will be combined, and the top 2 teams will go head to head in a 2 part final to determine the season champions!




Event 1 winner will receive a Fit Balm prize pack for their team!


4 athletes on each team, 2 males and 2 females, will move through the stations like a waterfall in any order


For Time, 12 minute CAP

  • Calorie Row Team Total (120 cals)
  • 3 sets of: 5x Deadlift, 5x Hang Cleans, 5x S2OH *(115/80 lb) (each athlete)
  • Assault Bike Team Total (100 cals)
  • Pullups (25/18 Chest to bar OR 35/25 Rx Pullups) (each athlete)


  • The first athlete will begin on the rower and row as many calories as they choose (minimum 1)
  • Once that athlete moves to the barbell complex, the next athlete may get on the rower & continue the calorie total
  • The first athlete will then complete all of the reps of the barbell movement in order
  • The 2nd athlete may not move forward until the first athlete has completed all of the reps on the barbell
  • Once the first athletes completes the reps the team may move down the waterfall

The 4th athlete must complete ALL remaining calories on the assault bike and rower before moving forward (so plan ahead!).


  • Time completed or 12:00 + 1s for every rep / cal not completed.


  • All movements follow typical standards
  • The assault bike & rower will be a running total until completed, it's up to the teams to not let it re-set
  • The barbell complex must be completed in order, 5 deadlifts followed by 5 hang cleans into 5 shoulder to overhead (any style), then repeated 2 more times
  • For the 'pullups' athletes may choose between either movement / rep scheme, but must notify the judge and declare before beginning their reps, if they decide to change movements they will begin back at 0


A team of 4 athletes (2 men & 2 women) will move through both events A & B together with a running clock



For Time (6 min cap):

  • 200m Dog Sled Sprint (per athlete) (Sled + 45lb, add 25lb after each athlete)



Presented by Endur

The team with the highest Snatch weight total will receive a pair of Endur socks for the whole team!

For Load (in the remaining time of 14 minutes):

  • 2 Rep Max Snatch


  • At 3, 2, 1 go the first female athlete will sprint with the sled out and back, handing it off to the 2nd female athlete
  • The men will then add the appropriate weight, and drag it the same distnace
  • Once women have finished, they may go inside and begin loading / practicing their snatch
  • Their lifts will not count until all 4 athletes are inside together
  • The score for event A will be the time the final male completes his sled pull
  • Once event 1 is complete, they may use the remaining time to find a max snatch
  • Athletes will be in charge of loading / prepping their own bars


  • Workout A: Time to complete 4 x 200m sled pulls
  • Workout B: Combined total of each athletes best snatch


  • All movements follow typical standards
  • The dog sled may be dragged any way, the sled must pass the designated cones
  • Snatch will be performed from the ground. Reps do NOT need to be touch'n'go but both reps must be compelted in under :20s (bar leaving the ground)



4 Athletes, 2 members of each sex

With a 12 minute running clock...

only 1 athlete may be 'on the floor' at a time

Reps: 5, 10, 15, 20...

  • Toe to Bar
  • Squat Clean (115/80)
  • Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)
  • Box Jump Over (24")
  • Burpees onto plate (add plate to stack after every round)


  • At 3, 2, 1, go the first athlete will come off the wall and begin with 5 toe to bar, they may then contnue to the next movement, or come back and tag the next athlete to go out
  • Athletes must run back and tag in the next athlete for changes, but may 'stay out' if they are continuing on to the next movement
  • After the completion of the burpees each round, the athlete will add a plate to the stack and then run back and begin again at the toe to bar
  • Continue this way for 12 minutes, tagging athletes in and out at any time


  • Total reps completed

Movement Standards

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Cleans must be done from the floor, and pass through the squat
  • Dumbbell snatch begins from the floor and must alternate arms the rep is complete when the athlete shows full extension overhead - the other hand may touch the knee, and the switch may happen anytime
  • Box jump overs begin with a 2 foot takeof and do not require extension at the top, only the athletes feet may touch the box
  • Burpees onto plate require the chest to contact the ground at the bottom, and a 2 foot take off and landing on the plate



2 Teams of 2x Male + 2x Female


2 Minutes For Total Calories

  • Assault Bike

Rest 1 minute & switch

During this rest teams may switch out 1 Athlete (male or female)

Scoring A

  • Total Cals


2 Minutes for Max Reps

  • Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35)

Rest 1 minute & switch

Scoring B

  • Total Reps

Flow A1&2

  • At 3, 2, 1, go the men will begin on the assault bike, and the women on the dumbbell
  • Athletes may switch who's working at any time as many times as they like - and must tag when they switch
  • after 2 minutes, the teams will switch stations
  • During the 1 minute transion, teams may switch out 1 male OR female athlete
  • The women will then complete workout A1 and the men workout A2
  • After the team has completed both parts the team may again switch out 1 more athlete (the opposite sex of previous switch) before going into the final event

Final Score A1&2

  • Total Cals + Total Reps
  • Every rep / cal will count as a 1s head start in the final winner takes all event

Movement Standards A & B

  • All movements follow typical standards
  • Athletes must tag when switching on the assault bike or barbell
  • DB S2OH reps must show control & lockout at the top of each rep, athletes may use either arm


The transiton between A & B will be as quick as possible
In this time, the teams may switch out 1 more athlete (the opposite sex of the athlete switched out during finals A)
The team going into this event will include 1 fresh athlete of each sex, and 2 athletes that completed Finals A1&2


2 Males and 2 Female will work as a team with 1 athlete working at a time

  • Note: The start of this event will be delayed by 1s for every rep behind the 2nd place team is after Final A1&2 - WINNER TAKES ALL
  • Each athlete must complete all of the reps of 2 movements.
  • If the athlete is unable to complete all the reps and swtiches, the new athlete begins that movement from 0

For Time:

  • 500/400m Row

  • 25x Thrusters (115/80)

  • Double unders (3x 30 unbroken)

  • 25x Chest to Bar Pullups (14')

  • 5x Rope Climbs (12')

  • 35x Deadlifts (185/135)

  • 120' 1 Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35)

  • 25x Hang Squat Snatch (115/80)


All Athletes will begin behind the turf
At 3, 2, 1, go the first athlete will leave the wall to complete the 500/400m row, once completed they may continue to complete the deadlifts (then they're done) or they may return to the team and tag in a second athlete
The second athlete will go out to complete the next movement, if it is their first movement they may stay out and complete another, or go back and tag an athlete
Each athlete is only allowed to (and must) complete 2 of the movements, and will complete all of the reps of that movement
If an athlete is unable to complete all of the reps, they may tag another athlete but the new athlete will begin at 0


Due to the delayed start, the first team to complete the final movement is the winner


  • All movements follow typical movement standards.
  • Double under sets must be complete unbroken and the athlete must stop between sets, a broken set goes back to 0
  • 1 Arm DB overhead Walking lunges will be performed walking back and forth in 30' lengths, athletes must show full extension at the top of each rep, and must touch their feet side by side at the top of each rep
  • Hang squat snatch must begin from the hang and ends at full extension after passing through the squat, a hang power snatch + ohs will be accepted